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The Use Of Color: How It Can Increase Traffic To Your Website

The online world is one which is driven by visuals. While businesses often incorporate videos and sometimes even music onto their websites, they will still fail to reach dizzying heights of audience reach and conversions if their site is visually confusing. You are probably aware of the need for easy-to-navigate sites and clear call-to-action buttons, and you may have chosen the colors of your brand. However, what you may not have considered is the psychology behind each color and how it can drive traffic to your carefully designed website.

The Psychology Of Color

The psychology of color refers to the science behind the feelings, thoughts, and emotions produced when we look at a certain color. There is a reason why some people prefer turquoise over pink, and studies show that it can relate directly to our personalities. What it means for a business, however, is that choosing the color scheme for your website and your company branding goes deeper than simply picking a color you personally prefer. While it is important for your taste and choice to come into play, it’s also key to remember which colors provoke which emotions, and it is also crucial to note that color is tied to memories and experiences, therefore not one color will rule them all. Researchers also believe that certain colors appeal to the different genders. Women, for example, prefer pastel colors and dislike orange and brown. Men would choose black and blue over purple and orange.

How To Adapt For Your Business

The color scheme you may decide upon for your website can depend directly on the purpose and the ethos of your company. If you are a kindergarten nursery, you may want to choose colors more typically seen in the nursery building, pastel pinks and blues. However, as you are targeting the parents and families of the children, you need to think carefully about the colors they will want to see. Likewise, if you are aiming to attract fresh talent to your PR business, you need to utilize a color that connotates a modern and friendly business they will want to join.

Three Key Colors To Utilize

When you think of the color yellow, your mind may automatically drift towards warm, sunny days. This is because yellow represents happiness, optimism, hope and is the color of sunshine. A shade of bright yellow is perfect for grabbing attention, for instance, who can miss when a cab is coming down the street towards us? However, there are conflicting emotions associated with this shade. A shade of yellow which is too bright can cause people to become demanding and critical, and it is also well-known as the color for warning signs. Therefore, when using yellow within your company branding and website, it is advised to proceed with caution.

If your business is one that strives to become a renowned ecologically-friendly company, who cares for the earth and all who walk upon it, then you may be looking towards green. After all, the color green is one of renewal, nature, energy, and life. On the other hand, it is also traditionally associated with jealousy (“the green-eyed monster”), and of ambition and greed. There is a reason why piles of dollar bills are always bright green in cartoons! However, this color is soothing and relaxing. It is also known to help reduce anxiety and depression.

Blue has a variety of shades available, and the majority of these have positive effects on us, mentally and physically. Blue represents freedom, imagination, sensitivity, and inspiration. It often provokes feelings of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence when used right, which means that it is ideal to use for your business if you want potential customers and clients to trust in your business sincerely.