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Our mobile app development team will help you stay connected with your customer no matter where they are or who they are.

Mobile App Development

Over the past twenty years, the internet has transformed how businesses operate, but now the digital landscape is shifting again. Research has confirmed that the majority of US consumers of digital media are doing so through mobile apps. Only 40% of users access the internet through desktops, the remaining 60% use mobile devices. You understand the importance of having a fully optimized website, but have you considered a mobile application to complete your digital marketing strategy? The average smartphone user downloads 3 apps per month – that’s a huge potential market to who your business should be appealing to.

Here at Data Design Systems, our mobile app development team collaborate with organizations to develop innovative top-quality mobile applications that are designed for optimum user experience and accessibility, but also to boost your online presence and ultimately your business’s bottom line. From simple B2C mobile solutions to complex B2B applications, our expert designers and mobile app development team have successfully completed multiple mobile application projects for a variety of industries within Ohio.

Our mobile app development experts provide a bespoke service for both iOS and Android platforms, and we will even help you identify which one will be of greatest benefit to your organization. For example, native apps are developed for a specific platform that can interact with the existing operating system features on the platform such as GPS or camera functions; our mobile app development team may suggest that an app should be developed that works on cross-platform frameworks is more beneficial to your business. Let us know your exact requirements, and we will develop the mobile application that best suits your specifications.

Our team consists of specialized mobile application developers, UX experts, certified analysts, and experienced software engineers. We keep all expertise in-house so that our service standards are guaranteed, and they are agile yet continuous, and any issues are responded to dynamically, and rectified quickly and efficiently – this benefits you as the customer, but also our staff too, as we take great pride in the fact that we can ensure we deliver premium results time after time.

Comprehensive array of applications

Our mobile app development catalog consists of a wide selection, which includes:

  • Productivity apps
  • GPS and location-based apps
  • Utilities applications
  • Data management apps
  • Health apps
  • Social media apps
  • Shopping apps
  • E-learning applications

The list is endless in terms of what we can offer. If you are running a website of your own, why not consider a mobile application to further the reach? Our mobile app development team will develop a mobile application for your site and keep the pages and navigation similar to that of your website to continue your brand’s theme. This way, your existing customers won’t be encumbered by changed settings and features.

Application maintenance

Once your mobile app is up and running, our team will ensure that it remains responsive and runs smoothly – its success depends on this service that we provide. We will routinely assess and inspect its functionality and efficiency, and maintain on-site or off-site backup mechanisms which can help you control the functionality of the applications. When it’s time for a new version of the app to be developed, we can ensure that the transition to the updated version is smooth and effortless for you and the user.

Do you currently have a mobile application that is experiencing problems? You may have a bug that is causing your app issues, no matter how simple or complex the challenge may appear, our experts in app development in Cincinnati and Westchester, Ohio will find a solution with ease.

We offer consultations and back-end support to all of our clients. Feel free to contact us.

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