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3 Essential Phases in Website Development

A well-built business website can increase awareness on the products/services you offer and consequently increase your profits. If you are planning on building a successful business website in Cincinnati, Ohio, here are some basics to help you with the website development process.

Gather information

Properly researching what you want to feature on your site will often determine how well clients are able to understand your business goals and dreams. You need to carefully map out what exactly the purpose of the site is, be it marketing a product, promoting a service or giving information on your business.

It is also helpful that you determine the ideal audience you wish to target, considering their age, sex and interests, as this will determine the design and style used for the site. Finally, come up with the content for the site, including images, text and contact information.


The second phase requires that you develop a site map that determines how the information you have gathered is displayed on the site.  The map should entail the different pages and topics on the site and how content will be distributed to make for a site that is easy to navigate. Proper planning will help your customers to easily find the information they need on your business location and products/services offered.


This phase requires that you work with your designer to ensure the look and feel of the website matches your company needs. Depending on your target audience, you will need to choose a template, colors, logos and other elements that will help strengthen the identity of your business on the site.

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