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Is It Time your Website Got an Update?

If your website launched more than a few years ago – and especially if it debuted 10 or more years ago – your customers are probably feeling a little frustrated with its design. User experience has come so far in recent years, that new websites offer their visitors a much smoother encounter. Although your veteran customers may not complain, you could be deterring new business without knowing it.

In fact, user experience, or UX as it’s become known, has developed into a significant aspect of the design engineering that goes into building websites. Designers can even specialize in the skills that go into enhancing customer experience. They learn to fine-tune the back-end of a website so that everything from scrolling through products, to entering an order and paying, to getting online help, is easier for those using the site. Of course, visitors don’t see all of the code in the background; they just know that a website is more responsive to their actions.

Newer sites that employ good UX design are setting customers up to expect the same experience on every site they visit. For instance, if a customer can reorder results that come up in a search on a competitor’s site, they will likely expect the same option on your website.

Fortunately, updating a website so that it is more user-friendly isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Typically, visitors may only notice that individual pages on the site look a little different; or, they may see that working with their account or ordering products requires slightly different actions than they followed in the past. Longtime customers usually appreciate UX improvements because they get the same results with fewer steps. And, newcomers to your site feel more at ease when they can move around, finding what they need, without a lot of trial and error.

Consumers increasingly expect ease of use when they visit a website. They balk at unexpected delays, and they are more and more likely to give up on an unresponsive site, instead moving on to another website. Meeting visitor needs with an updated, responsive design demonstrates respect for their valuable time.

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