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How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

We sometimes get calls from potential clients around Cincinnati who need a website very quickly — like, yesterday. “Our store opens next week!” they might say. Or, “Our product is set to launch at the beginning of next month!” And they’re surprised when we can’t build a top-quality site for them.
That’s not to say we can’t work fast if you’re really in a bind. But a big part of creating an effective small business website is taking the time to establish a relationship, understand your needs and goals and determine how the type of customer you’re targeting thinks and behaves. That helps us design a website that works for you and reflects your other business marketing.

We don’t just throw your content into a template and manipulate it to try to fit your company. Instead, we work to make a user interface that helps your specific types of potential buyers find what they need. Once we’ve gathered the requirements for the project, we develop wire frames, or a rough guide that shows what each page will look like and how each page interacts with the others. Then, we design full concepts that let you see what the site will look like on desktop computers and mobile devices and give feedback. We modify the concept until we have a final design.

Design isn’t the only part of making a good website. Website development is the other big piece that goes into creating a web presence for any business. This involves building the framework of the website — the code that makes sure pages display quickly and cleanly and that they resize in different browsers and on different devices.

Coding can be done quickly, but to deliver a high-quality product, we want to ensure that it works perfectly. Testing can take time as our developers work to ensure there aren’t any problems. If you have special functionality on your website, this is especially important.

That’s why we tell our customers that a typical five-page website takes roughly 30 to 45 days to finish. If you have a more complicated site, need more functionality or go on vacation when we need your feedback, it can take another couple of weeks.

We look at each customer’s unique project needs and create an estimated time frame as part of our proposal process. As long as you meet your review times and provide content as needed, we will stick to that schedule and get your site up and running on time. It’s true that the process takes more than just a few days, but it’s one that will get you a website that looks great, functions correctly and works effectively to grow your Cincinnati, Ohio-area business.