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5 Reasons to Update Your Website

In this fast- paced world of technology, we need to frequently participate in a race to stay abreast with the new changes that are taking place. The “website” is deemed today as an incredible communication platform, the importance of which perhaps most of you could not comprehend even a decade ago. But today, most of you boast of having a website, whether it is for personal purposes, business purposes or for any other purposes. Surely, you must have sensed the need to upgrade yourself after realizing the importance a website possesses? Just as it is important for you to update yourself with the new inventions that are evolving every now and then, it is equally important for you to update your website for its better performance.
Your job does not and should not end merely at creating a website. Your website should be loved and nurtured time and again as these are the essential ingredients which will keep it blooming amidst your competitors. It is like maintaining your home or car for continued and improved functionality. Though there are innumerable reasons to keep your website updated, below cited are the 5 most important ones:

  • Your Website Content is Outdated: Content brings your website alive. As the saying goes, “content is king”; hence, it is and will always remain the sole reason why people will visit your website and choose to come back to it again. Content determines how effective and informative your website is and delivers the overall impression to your visitors or clients. An outdated content is bound to affect your website adversely. It is essential to include fresh and updated content of your products and services to keep your website active.
  • Low on the Search Engine Rankings: When we are in need of any information we begin with the search engine. An outdated website will obviously rank low on the search engine result. The websites of today, are vying for the top place in the search engine result for the simple reason that they attract more visitors. Hence, it is only obvious that you should also do your part to make your website rank high in the search engine. Include a new set of keywords, incorporate the latest SEO strategies and internet marketing techniques to help your website reach the top of the search engine result.
  • Your Website is not Mobile Friendly: In this era of mobile savvy people, making your website mobile-friendly is of prime necessity. If your website is not a mobile friendly one, you are sure to get left behind. As per the recent study, 72% of the people prefer a website that is mobile-friendly and with the number of mobile users mounting every year, the percentage will only increase. Hence, it has become more of a necessity than a trend to make your website mobile friendly.
  • Slow and not User Friendly: The most common reason for which a website does not generate traffic is its slow loading time. People usually expect a website to load in not more than 2 seconds. A website that is slow in loading will only drive away your visitors. Equally important is the need to have a user friendly website where a visitor can easily navigate, explore your website and find the necessary information without much hassle. The layout of your website should not be messy and confusing. Remember your website stands as a reflection of your organization.
  • Your Website does not have any relation with Social Media: With the recent surge in popularity of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc, it is but necessary for your website to share a relationship with them. 78% of the people have agreed that their purchases are influenced by the social media posts shared by the particular company. Integrating your website with social media sites will open the gates for large traffic inflow as they are powerful marketing and communication tools.

Needless to say the web development world is ever changing. New features and new techniques are being introduced almost every year. You should take advantage of the benefits that an updated website delivers in order to create a lasting impression on your visitors and make them come back to you again.