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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Mobile App Development

How AI is transforming mobile app development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is 2018’s leading trend in mobile app development, and experts predict that the technology will only evolve with time. With chatbots, smart sensors and predictive analytics now built into algorithms, the future of mobile apps and technology as a whole is an exciting prospect.

AI devices are machines built with the ability to copy intelligent behavior. These days, with home assistant devices like Amazon Alexa on the scene, this technology is surpassing personalization and bordering on the humanistic, paving the way for an exciting and uncertain future.

So, what does all this mean for app development? As well as improving productivity for mobile phone users, AI-assisted apps are reimagining business processes, transforming Internet marketing, and creating seamless customer interactions through flexible algorithms. Smart apps are growing in popularity among mobile users, and AI is transforming their experiences.


At its core, the development of AI technology is driven by the attraction of having a 24/7 personal assistant. Mobile phones provide the ideal platform for this because they can be held in a user’s hand all day long. At its most basic level, AI is nothing new. In fact, Apple scratched the surface with Siri in 2010. However, AI is evolving to meet the growing requirements of Internet users, and those requirements surpass the need for smart productivity apps and healthcare assistants.

Customer Satisfaction

AI technology allows app developers to meet and exceed user expectations. In turn, this means brands can create a more satisfying customer experience and improve their digital processes. In the case of modern day Internet users, the rapid evolution of technology has set the benchmark high. Customers now demand more personal and in-depth experiences, hence the popularity of AI-assisted home devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Background Censoring

Arguably, the best form of AI works in the background without users even knowing it’s there. Instagram and Facebook, for example, announced last year that they use AI to block and remove offensive posts on people’s feeds before they see them. Unlike Twitter, Instagram isn’t looking for just keywords either. There’s an intelligent, context-aware algorithm that knows which phrases and words are meant to cause harm and which are innocent.

What’s Next for AI Mobile Applications?

Going forward, applications will be written with algorithms that adapt and adjust based on observed behavior. Apps are leveraging data from online traffic, mobile devices and more to help them deliver true personalization. However, this is just one piece of the puzzle.

In the years to come, applications will rely on AI to become more intuitive and interactive. Apple has recently revealed that the iPhone X is loaded with an A11 Bionic chip that’s built for AI tasks like 3D facial scanning, for example. Voice interfaces will also allow users to interact with mobile apps more seamlessly and with natural language, but AI doesn’t stop at voice recognition. Consumers are now seeking a variety of other characteristics from their devices, such as context-aware computing and predictive messaging.

With 60% of Internet consumers using mobile devices to go online, it’s no secret that developing a mobile application will enhance your digital marketing strategy. In the years to come, AI will help us transform our businesses, refine our offering, and improve customer experiences. More than that, AI creates endless possibilities for the future of website design, app development, and technology in general.

To learn more about mobile app development please contact us at 513.766.9111 or email us at contact@datadesignsystems.com


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