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Web Design Trends that Will Dominate 2015

As we all know, change is a constant phenomenon and when it comes to web design, it is a necessity to stay connected to the up-to-the-minute trends that are being introduced. When we create a website for any motive we wish that it not only brings us the desired result, but also that it stays unbeaten throughout. It is quite a task, but if you can spare the time to read the everyday headlines under “web design trends”, half of the task can be considered done. So let us take a look at the web design trends that will dominate and define 2015.

A peep into the Web Design trends that will dominate 2015:

  • Dynamic Background Images: You must have surely come across the large background images in some of the latest websites! That trend is here to stay in 2015. Large background images call for greater engagement with users and more prominence and definition to your website. An increased in the use of 3D images and fully responsive HD-quality video in the background is also expected very soon. Other elements in the background should properly complement each other so that the background image stays powerful and elegant whilst the navigational buttons and content on the page can also be easily distinguished.


  • Responsive Web Design:As per a report published in April 2015, “Any website that is not mobile friendly will be penalized.” Responsive web design is more of a necessity today because of the mounting rise in the number of users accessing websites through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Users have a tendency to abandon a website that is not mobile friendly. Hence, it has become highly imperative to provide a seamless experience by adopting responsive web design that will not only maximize your potential, but help you reach out to a larger target audience.


  • Interactive Web Design:The 2015 website stands in great favor of creating an interactive experience with the users. An interactive website relates a compelling story through content and through collaboration of all the other elements of the website together. By making your user interact with your website, you are setting the stage for a more personal involvement. Use of rotating images, an attractive content, and galleries will help you draw more people.


  • Ghost Buttons:Another trend that is all set to dominate web design in 2015 is the use of ghost buttons. They are nothing but rectangular or square shaped, stylish and transparent buttons that creates a subtle effect to draw the attention of the user. They also go by the name “empty” or “hollow” buttons, have thin border and are much bigger in size than the standard ones. They are said to balance well with properly set large background images and videos and lends a touch of sophistication to the site.



  • One Page Web Design:It can be frustrating to click and load a new page every time you wish to view something. With the introduction of the one page web design, your site gets loaded all at once offering user the scope to view all that you have to offer on the first page itself. Hence, another 2015 web design trend is the one-page scrolling website where all information is pooled in one page. This is not only an ideal set up for executing the interactive storytelling trend, but also paves the way for a more effective and pleasant mobile experience.


  • Enhanced Typography: In 2015, we will see more of bold fonts and responsive typography for a more enhanced reading experience. The web site will showcase large headings and large typography for making a visual statement that will not skip the eye of the reader. It has a direct effect on the usability and also on the aesthetic appeal of the site.


  • Rise of the Flat Design:According to 68% of web designers, flat design will continue to dominate the scene for the next 5 years. It is one of the most talked about trends today. Flat design does not make use of exaggerated stylistic elements, but focus on the use of minimal and simple elements, colors and typography. The motive behind such a type of design is to efficiently and quickly convey the information to the user.


  • Grid-Based Layouts:It has become a much loved trend among many web designers. Where the need of large content lists is higher, web designers resort to the use of grid-based layout. It is a structure that comprises of a range of vertical or horizontal lines within which the content is beautifully structured.This renders a very trendy look to a website while at the same time enables the user to quickly find the needed information.


New trends surface with each passing year, adapting to the behavior of the people and to the advancement of technology. These trends, offer great scope to make your website stand out from the masses of other. By embracing them you will be able to create a site which everybody would love to browse.